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Beams & Shelves

An Oak Beam – What A Great Way To Enhance Your Stoves’ Look

So, you’ve chosen the stove you always wanted and now it’s time to update your décor. Possibly, one of the best adornments for your fireplace would be the addition of an oak beam to replicate an old-style lintel.

Historically, oak was the choice of builders when they needed a lintel to provide an opening for the fire and to support the chimney breast above.

Why oak? Oak is extremely robust and has a rather high flash point. Additionally, it was more readily available and both easier & cheaper to work than the most common alternative: stone.

 Deep Beam  Facia Panel
 Hollow Beam  Great Beam
 Large Facia Beam  Mini Facia Beam
 Standard Facia Beam  


Standard Shelf with Corbels: Rustic Oak in a Medium Finish  Standard Shelf: Rustic Oak in a Medium Finish
 Standard Shelf: Prime Oak in a Natural Waxed Finish  
 Standard Shelf: Rustic Oak in a Medium Finish  
 Standard Shelf: Aged Oak in a Light/Medium Finish  
  Standard Shelf: Extremely Aged Oak in a Medium/Dark Finish  
Large Shelf: Aged Pine in an Antique Waxed Finish

Chimney Sweeping

Central Chimney Sweeping provides a quality service in the Clackmannanshire - Stirling - Falkirk-  Kinross  area for chimney sweeps, repairs, fitting pots and cowls as well as  installing flue liners and wood burning stoves.


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